Warehouse Storage

Warehouses are a core component of businesses and are businesses by themselves. A well managed warehouse is an asset that cannot be overlooked. Our Warehouse Storage module comes forward to meet all your storage requirements. From chaotic to fixed location, from simple picking to pick lists that follow a specific route, we cover everything.

Features of Warehouse Storage

  • Assign item to location by scanning unique serial numbers to part and location
  • Track history of movements
  • Define custom rules and flows for parts location assignment
  • Visually represent location storage status
  • Out stock containers or parts from location
  • Pick goods based on a pick list
  • Definition of collection routes for operators
  • Chaotic, fixed location and mixed warehouses are supported
  • FIFO, LIFO and FEFO collection criteria are supported
  • Integration with CATS Process Machine Link for environmental control and with CATS Machine Value Acquisition to record the values using BigData

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