Use Case: Downtime Management

Real-Time Downtime Tracking

Resolve machine downtimes faster. Get a real-time overview of stoppages and resolution times.

Accurate Machine Data, in Real-time

Without good planning and control, production downtimes will continue to occur. Maintain the highest production efficiency by tracking each and every downtime in order to take the necessary actions in a timely manner.

Get full Real-Time Shop Floor Visibility

Finally, an easy way to resolve both alarms and downtimes faster. Take control of your production and enable your team to quickly resolve these issues to ensure machines are running as much as possible.

Track progress & schedule resources

Accurately record all downtime to better understand production performance and act on data in real-time. Now schedule resources and see who is available for what and when. Never have to worry about unscheduled downtime or overtime again.

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Real-time Overview of Stoppages & Resolution Times

Automate the collection of data and ensure accuracy: manually collecting downtimes is prone to errors and time-consuming for both operators and managers.

Use historical data to analyze manufacturing downtime over a user-selected interval, sorted by machine, line, shift or operator.

Analyze downtime data for long terms trends, and be able to detect and investigate production process-related problems.


Downtime categorization and machine alarms to enable workflows and notifications so that the right information is communicated to the right person when a problem occurs.

Automatically send alert emails at desired email addresses based on an escalation scheme.

Set time intervals at which mail alerts will be sent in a normal and critical way, for response or resolution state, to different email groups.

Success Story

Streamlined Quality Across 7 Facilities in Just 6 Weeks

Discover in this success story how NC-Vision helped BoxElyte create a Digital Twin of their production, complete with MES, QMS and WMS.

Efficient Downtime Management Made Simple

Platform Features

The core system contains a collection of basic, essential functionalities. Each of our revolutionary codeless solutions always include the specific...

Downtime Management

Get a real-time overview of stoppages and resolution times and easily take the necessary actions in a timely manner in order to resume production.

Upgrade Your MES Solution

with NC-Vision

Enhance operational efficiency with NC-Vision’s manufacturing solutions. Easily integrate apps to augment MES and MOM, boosting production yields and minimizing supply chain risks.

NC-Vision – More Than Just Downtime Tracking

Compose your unique manufacturing solution out of more than 50 applications, combining MES, WMS, QMS, and Office Management functionalities.

Manufacturing Execution (MES)

Simplify production planning and visualize what’s going on the shopfloor – anywhere, anytime. Reduce downtime, rework, and scrap while ensuring full end-to-end traceability and compliance.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Combine with NC-Vision’s complete warehouse management solution with built-in traceability to reduce your inventory levels and picking up times, so production stoppages belong to the past.

Quality Management (QMS)

Make quality more effective and actionable: Drive growth and always be ready for the next audit with full visibility and control of your quality landscape.

Virtual Management Suite

Manage projects, tasks, and documents to simplify team collaboration and productivity – fully adapted to production companies and customizable to your specific needs.