Let’s do something big and grow together.

 NC-Vision is a technology company dedicated to help companies  worldwide successfully run and manage their production operations. When you work for NC-Vision, you’re part of a  team striving for excellence, supporting one another and having a good time along the way. Expand your experience and grow together with us at NC-Vision

Join us now and help make NC-Vision an international success.

We invite you to be part of this ambitious project that comes with big challenges and benefits. We’re passionate about our work and strive to make our dream of digital transformation come true .

Cutting-edge tech stack 
TypeScript, MySQL, Node.js, Redis & Docker

Personal growth 
Excellent learning environment

Fun & agile development
No bureaucratic nonsense

Make an impact
We’re still early stage

Our mission in production & traceability – based on our true No-Code Platform.

NC-Vision offers solutions ranging from AI applications to pure technology platforms, tailored to the digitization maturity of customers, spanning from upper midsize to prime manufacturers.

Our software is based on our unique No-Code technology, which translates to efficiency, quality, security, functionality, and flexibility for our customers.

Oliver Ruzek

CEO & Owner

NC-Vision provides the shift from complex, static, monolithic solutions to agile flexible No-Code build apps and components. Thanks to our unique No-Code model we have the powers, capabilities, and flexibility of a programming language so there are no restrictions to what’s possible to build. We search for true coders who want to take part in the software development revolution.

 Our values are creating results and innovations.

With our products we create added value for our customers and thus the basis for our success.


Our products enable our customers become more efficient. Accordingly, we ourselves work lean and efficient. 


We take responsibility in the partnership with our customers. Our employees are fully committed to helping them meet their strategic and operational goals. 


 Our common goal is to grow with NC-Vision, each of us in personality and knowledge and together with our customers.


We provide our customers with products of the highest quality. This quality is ensured by our team and each and every one of our employees in their daily work.


Our business model  is based on knowledge and skills. We improve them in the team every day to ensure that we are all highly qualified professionals in our  fields.

Team Spirit

We explore new routes, learn and succeed. Together. At NC-Vision everyone plays in the same team for the common success.

Check our current job openings to revolutionize Production & Traceability together.

Experience a fun and agile environment, without bureaucratic nonsense. We share great professionalism, friendliness and trust, using cutting-edge technology.

Software Tester

Software Tester

As a software tester, you are part of our software development team, ensuring high product quality and customer satisfaction.   Technologies TypeScript, NodeJS, TestCafe, Docker, and more.   Knowledge Understanding of various testing methodologies, such as...

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Junior to Mid-Level Software Developer

Junior to Mid-Level Software Developer

Develop web-oriented software components using technologies as part of our product and support the team in improving and extending current functionality.   Technologies TypeScript, NodeJS, CSS/SCSS, React, jQuery, etc.   Knowledge TypeScript, JavaScript,...

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