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Our revolutionary  software toolbox for production and traceability covers any  industry, from automotive, food manufacturing to logistics and retail and each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse, track and trace, quality management and much more. Whatever your business size or type, there’s a NC-Vision solution for you. Have a look at the references below to get an idea of what we can do for you too.

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NC-Vision takes great pride in our customers and how they have used our solutions to improve the efficiency of their plants and most importantly, their profitability. Find out for yourself how our customers are enjoying success with NC-Vision solutions that are transforming their businesses and helping them thrive. A selection of a few of our case studies can be found below.

Digital Twin of Production to Meet Demands of a Fast-growing Market

Get accurate real-time insights into your production
and processes. BoxElyte uses the NC-Toolbox portfolio as the digital twin of its production, complete with MES, QMS and WMS. Thus, BoxElyte meets the requirements for end-to-end traceability of its products.With the help of our solution, the entire production is virtually mapped on one platform and all related processes and physical goods are centrally managed – implemented within a few days and with an ROI typically within 6-12 months.

Meeting the Traceability Requests of Renowned Global Brands

Trying hard to meet the challenging quality demands of global customers? Discover the solution chosen by Coindu, renowned global manufacturer of leather seat covers for cars. You will recieve actionable tips to get full visibility throughout the value chain to ensure quality and continued compliance with regulatory requirements and avoid huge costs with product recalls.

Warehouse Management to Meet the Demands of a Fast-growing Market

Discover the solution chosen by Eurosport DHS, the leading producer and exporter of bicycles and electric bicycles in Southeastern Europe to optimize its warehouse operations. If you are struggling to reduce your inventory levels and picking up times, download this success story and find out how to put an end to production stoppages and stress.

Improving Team Collaboration,
Efficiency and Transparency

STRABAG SE is a European-based technology
group for construction services, a leader in
innovation and financial strength. Based on our unique No-Code Technology, Strabag now has a more efficient communication flow between departments, that contributes to shorter response times. 

Tianqi Yang


We aimed for a simple and adaptable solution.

We found in NC Vision a flexible partner, with a high level of experience, and a good collaboration led to the implementation of a form according to our needs and expectations. In only six weeks the system was running, and all requested modifications were provided in the specified time. Now we are able to deliver in time and the right amounts of the raw materials to the assembly lines.

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Find expert-level knowledge from our solution consultants on how to improve your production and stay up-to-date with new regulations and requirements from global customers. And sometimes, we’ll brag about our clients’ success stories, too. 

Embracing Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a revolution, with new technologies and processes changing the face of the sector. Smart manufacturing, also known as Industry 4.0 or industrial IoT is at the forefront of this transformation, and promises to revolutionize the way products are designed, manufactured, and delivered to the market. In this blog post we will explore the concept of smart manufacturing, its benefits, and how companies can adopt this technology to stay ahead of the curve in the future of manufacturing.

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The Future of Manufacturing: How No-Code Software is Driving Innovation

The manufacturing industry has come a long way in recent years, thanks to advances in technology and automation. But now, a new revolution is taking place, and it’s being driven by the rise of no-code software solutions. In this post, we’ll explore how no-code software is driving innovation in the manufacturing industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of automation, customization, and flexibility.

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