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We present the world’s first manufacturing-specific no-code platform for full-fledged enterprise solutions such as. MES, IloT and traceability. It enables universal and mission-critical application development with the same functionality and flexibility as traditional programming languages, all in one flow within the graphical no-code editor.Have a look at the references below to get an idea of what we can do for you too.

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From front-end design to cloud integration, from rapid customizations and extensions to step-by-step replacement of monolithic manufacturing IT systems, NC-Vision enables maximum responsiveness to business requirements. Lengthy and expensive IT projects and IT resource bottlenecks belong to the past. Find out for yourself how our customers are enjoying success with NC-Vision solutions that are transforming their businesses and helping them thrive. 

Digital Twin of Production to Meet Demands of a Fast-growing Market

Get accurate real-time insights into your production
and processes. BoxElyte uses the NC-Toolbox portfolio as the digital twin of its production, complete with MES, QMS and WMS. Thus, BoxElyte meets the requirements for end-to-end traceability of its products.With the help of our solution, the entire production is virtually mapped on one platform and all related processes and physical goods are centrally managed – implemented within a few days and with an ROI typically within 6-12 months.

Meeting the Traceability Requests of Renowned Global Brands

Trying hard to meet the challenging quality demands of global customers? Discover the solution chosen by Coindu, renowned global manufacturer of leather seat covers for cars. You will recieve actionable tips to get full visibility throughout the value chain to ensure quality and continued compliance with regulatory requirements and avoid huge costs with product recalls.

Warehouse Management to Meet the Demands of a Fast-growing Market

Discover the solution chosen by Eurosport DHS, the leading producer and exporter of bicycles and electric bicycles in Southeastern Europe to optimize its warehouse operations. If you are struggling to reduce your inventory levels and picking up times, download this success story and find out how to put an end to production stoppages and stress.

Improving Team Collaboration,
Efficiency and Transparency

STRABAG SE is a European-based technology
group for construction services, a leader in
innovation and financial strength. Based on our unique No-Code Technology, Strabag now has a more efficient communication flow between departments, that contributes to shorter response times. 

Success Story

Digital Twin of Production to Meet Demands of a Fast-growing Market

NC-Vision has not only significantly simplified our daily processes and improved our efficiency, but it is also accompanied by a paradigm shift towards holistic digitized corporate management.

The tailor-made solution provided by NC-Vision makes it easier than ever to get the right information at the right time and gain better insights into managing costs, operations, and profitability.

Yves Pauwels, General Manager

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