Production and Traceability

Software Solution


CATS - Cumulative Advanced Traceability Software -

combines and unites Enterprise Production and Traceability.


CATS Optimizes the production, increases the quality and reduces costs across the entire production flow.  


Devices Cats

Standardized out of the Box Solution

  • One integrated modular system.
  • Complete functional coverage with end 2 end support; the operation is tracked from the supplier through production processes up until it reaches the customer.
  • Complete transparency of the production in real time.
  • Covers the complete production flow of each industry.
  • Easy configuration and  customization.

Fastest ROI

  • Reduction of the effort for the implementation and operation of the solution by up to 90%.
  • Self customization and development of the solution by the customer based on the embedded No-Code graphical development environment.

No-Code based highest flexibility

  • Simple, easy, quick and flexible realization of individual custom processes and extensions.

Modern architecture

  • Blockchain, Cloud, Web UI, Smart devices, Industry 4.0, SaaS, PaaS, Hybrid, Big Data

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