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Looking to learn more about our Production and Traceability toolbox? Wonder how other companies are using our solutions  to improve their processes? Our resource library provides useful resources that will help you learn from real world examples, as well as provide  expertise that will guide you on your way to running a lean and profitable enterprise. 

Free Brochure: The Smart Warehouse for Production

If you’re struggling to always have accurate inventory across the whole warehouse, download our brochure and find out how to put an end to production stoppages and high levels of stress.Reduce inventory levels and picking up times, so production stoppages belong to the past.

Free Brochure: The Smart Meat Plant

Insufficient control & transparency over the production? Get actionable tips to avoid production delays. Download our brochure and find out how to improve control & transparency and manage & control your meat plant from anywhere, anytime.

Free Brochure: Real-time Container Tracking

Constant firefighting due to lack of planning is gone, starting today. If you’re a Container Terminal Manager or Logistics Manager struggling to increase logistics efficiency, download this free brochure and get actionable tips to help youcollect and share container data in a comprehensive way and gain a clear image on all actions in your terminal.

Free Brochure: Complete Control of Training & Certification

Streamline enterprise learning and development by making your training management system more versatile and effective. If you’re a HR Manager struggling to meet the legal & customer requirements regarding the training of employees, read our brochure and discover  actionable tips to help you gain control on learning and development. 

Infographic: The Importance of Traceability in Manufacturing

Traceability systems are an essential way for manufacturers to decrease product defects and recalls, reach global compliance and reduce production costs.Traceability is therefore increasingly becoming a strategic success factor, especially for Romanian companies.

Free Brochure: Virtual Office

Streamline enterprise learning and development by making your training management system more versatile and effective. If you’re a HR Manager struggling to meet the legal & customer requirements regarding the training of employees, read our brochure and discover  actionable tips to help you gain control on learning and development. 

Free Brochure: Full Traceability and Control for Automotive

Low operating efficiency and constant overtimes are gone starting today. Find out how to streamline your logistics and assembly processes and get a clear picture of your operators’ activity.

Free Brochure: Process-optimized Line Management

If you’re struggling to improve efficiency, fill out our form and get actionable tips to avoid low productivity, ack of data collected from production and constant overtimes,

Free Brochure: Smart Poultry Processing

Tired of insufficient control & transparency over the production on the shopfloor? Control your poultry processing plant operations from anywhere, anytime.

Free Brochure: The Software Toolbox for Production & Traceability

If you are in the dark about what happens on the shop floor or struggle with low operating efficiency or lack of product traceability, the right solution for production and traceability is here. Meet NC-Vision, the Software Toolbox for Production and Traceability.

Free Brochure: Optimized Preventive Maintenance

Sruggling with costly downtime and lost productivity? Easily schedule resources and control bandwidth.

Free Brochure: Real-Time Downtime Tracking

Resolve machine downtimes faster. Real-time overview of stoppages and resolution times.

Free Brochure: Full Control of Quality

Get actionable tips to ensure product quality meets your standards and make the quality control processes of your company more effective.

Free Brochure: Accurate Production Planning

Tired of working extra hours due to constant firefighting? Find out how to boost production efficiency and resources planning.

Free Brochure: Optimized Scrap Management

No matter why scrap and rework occurs, its impact on an organization is always the same—wasted time and money. No more using precious resources for unplanned scrap costs.

Free Brochure: Easy Change Management

Tired of complex change documentation? Find out how to conquer the challenges of change management, improving process and overall communication.

Free Brochure: Agile Data Integration

Find out how to use EDI solutions to digitally transform the way you do business with trading partners through streamlined B2B communication and data exchange.

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Tianqi Yang


We aimed for a simple and adaptable solution.

We found in NC Vision a flexible partner, with a high level of experience, and a good collaboration led to the implementation of a form according to our needs and expectations. In only six weeks the system was running, and all requested modifications were provided in the specified time. Now we are able to deliver in time and the right amounts of the raw materials to the assembly lines.

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