Video: Fast Intro | Preventive Maintenance

Mar 9, 2022 | Videos

Schedule and Track Your Maintenance Tasks

Meet the perfect tool to schedule your maintenance tasks and track that they were performed. Let’s explore how NC-Vision preventive maintenance solution can support your organization achieve greater maintenance management efficiency and success.

You can easily schedule a maintenance event to be performed and assign it to a technician. You can define recurrence rules for maintenance tasks as well as equipment consumables that need to be replaced periodically. Simply click the enable disable event button on the screen to activate or deactivate the maintenance programming. This can come handy in case you want to set a subsequent activation of a maintenance event or if you want the maintenance event to be paused for instance during holidays.

Instead of never knowing what your day is going to look like use our software to plan. The whole planning process is consistent and easy. Our applications enables you to examine the existing maintenance schedules in history within seconds. Detailed maintenance history helps decrease downtime and provides vital statistics to aid in decision making.

You can easily see the operator who closed a certain maintenance event than the comments made To associate or assign a maintenance event to a technician who is best able to do so select the event and choose the desired technician With preventive maintenance scheduling you can make sure you have the right people with the right skill sets there and ready to work.

Preventive maintenance costs up to four times less than corrective maintenance. Start saving! Take the next step and schedule your free discovery session now.