Top 3 Warehouse Management Challenges to Watch out for in 2021

Jul 6, 2021 | News

To ensure smooth and uninterrupted business, organizations need to maintain proper inventory levels in their warehouse or distribution centers.  Effective inventory management is  a critical aspect for the substantial growth of any business, especially for manufacturing, retail, or even construction industries. 

Common warehouse problems in 2021 see inaccurate inventory information, time management and lack of space, all requiring robust systemic solutions. This article examines the top three  warehouse management challenges in 2021, and their solutions.


1. Inventory Inaccuracy

When manufacturers don’t have full visibility to their inventory, they face the problems of either running out of stock at the wrong time or carrying too much stock and thus decreasing cash flow while increasing expenses to warehouse extra materials.   At the end, inventory inaccuracy translates into storage expenses or lost sales.

Inventory shortages can further lead to unfulfilled orders and unhappy customers and corresponding lost revenue. Moreover, inventory accuracy and efficiency go hand in hand. Picking problems rise when pickers rely on inaccurate information, leading to inefficient processes and increased expenses.

For problems derived from inaccurate manual records and from a lack of merchandise monitoring, we suggest using an inventory management software that helps create accurate and transparent outfitting and ensure invoices match the purchasing orders. NC Vision’s  Solution helps you gain real-time, accurate information about stock levels. Assign items to location by scanning unique serial numbers to part and location. From chaotic to fixed location, from simple picking to pick lists that follow specific routes, we cover everything.

2. Lack of space

Efficient use of space is a critical success factor in warehousing in 2021. Inadequate storage space as well as inefficient use of available spaces are common problems in warehouses with poor facility layout.  The problem of not having enough space is that the goods will keep on accumulating inadequately, which may result in  time lost in locating the products, a loss of quality of the merchandise or even work accidents.

To ensure the best use of the available space, we must improve the storage systems, the picking routes, and the layouts of spaces and shelves, particularly in the reception area. Our solution allows you to increase the efficiency of the picking by assigning items to locations by scanning unique serial numbers to part and location. Moreover, with NC-Vision Toolbox for Production & Traceability you can monitor stock levels and execute actions depending on them.

3. Incorrect time management

Tired of late delivery of materials to the line leading and production stoppages? You can improve this issue by optimizing picking and the location of the inventory. Not knowing the location of products precisely impacts execution times and delays the whole supply chain.

If you’re struggling to improve operational efficiency, consider streamlining your workflow with mobile devices that provide real-time updates to operators. You’ll definitely put an end to endless searching for lost parts or stressful overtime to avoid production stoppages. And as a side-effect, you’ll get a clear picture of your logistics operators’ activity.

With our solution you can define collection routes for operators, pick goods based on a pick list, define custom rules and flows for parts location assignment.

With NC Vision’s complete Warehouse Management Solution with built-in traceability, you can plan more efficient gathering routes that result in shorter response times and greater employee productivity.

Together with our solution consultants, discover which modules will help you most, reduce your inventory levels and picking up times or add traceability if required by your important clients -without breaking the bank.