Infographic: The Importance of Traceability in Manufacturing

Sep 14, 2021 | Infographic

Our new infographic explains the need for and the value of traceability in manufacturing.


Traceability systems are an essential way for manufacturers to decrease product defects and recalls, reach global compliance and reduce production costs.

“In global competition, manufacturing companies are forced to continually increase their efficiency and productivity, while at the same time reducing costs in order to maintain or optimize profitability. Customer confidence is increasingly becoming the most important currency for all industries. To achieve this, companies must be able to guarantee product quality at all times. Traceability software solutions offer an ideal tool in the quality management of a company. Often, they are even required by customers in the context of audits or, depending on the industry, required by law. In times of increasing globalization, complex production and supply chains with diverse products and various suppliers for customers, are the norm. This creates new challenges in terms of efficient traceability and elimination of mis-production. Traceability is therefore increasingly becoming a strategic success factor, especially for Romanian companies, which as far as allied interconnected productions are concerned, they are in competition with other locations.”, said Klaus Heller, CEO – NC-Vision.



Infographic_Importance of Traceability