Infographic | Benefits and core functions of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Jun 29, 2022 | Infographic, News

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are  information system that monitor and track the process of manufacturing goods on the factory floor. The overall goal of MES is to ensure that manufacturing operations are performed effectively to improve production performance. This objective is achieved by tracking and collecting accurate data throughout the production cycle in real time.

MES is a comprehensive system that manages all manufacturing activities. It starts with the various customer orders, the MRP system, the master schedule, and other planning sources, and then manufactures products in the most effective, cost-efficient, expedient, and high-quality manner.

“MES is the central hub of your business. A carefully managed MES helps eliminate friction between your traditionally isolated business functions. MES connects these functions across multiple, plant-wide manufacturing processes through customer orders.”  –  Klaus Heller, CEO – NC-Vision.



Infographic_Importance of Traceability