Improving team collaboration, efficiency and transparency

Dec 6, 2022 | Success Stories

Strabag, the leader od the Romanian construction market has chosen NC-Vision’s solution to optimize its communication flow and develop a correspondence project management platform.

Strabag decided on NC-Vision due to the lean & powerful toolbox approach and no-code technology, that makes it possible to create complex enterprise software with up to 10 times less effort than traditional software development approaches.

Leading the Romanian construction market, Strabag is now operating in all construction sectors, especially in Transportation Infrastructures and Building Construction & Civil Engineering segments, as well as in environmental construction projects. The company has presently 1,235 employees in 27 locations in Romania.

For each project there are several document flows and tasks in terms of correspondence with stakeholders to be managed by project team members or different departments. Strabag managed stakeholder correspondence, tasks, deadlines and associated documents using a rigorously designed and complex Excel document, but with the inherent limitations of this type of document, such as the  lack of segregation of access by levels. 

Moreover, project documents were managed and stored in various places by different departments and it sometimes took long finding them. Tracking and meeting contract deadlines was time-consuming and could lead to penalties or business discontinuity. 

 In a short time, NC-Vision has perfectly put our challenges in the past. They quickly composed a solution fully adapted to meet our specific needs and processes. Moreover, if subsequently required, we will be able to add functionality without writing a single line of code.We are very pleased. We evolved from data entry to information management and can now easily manage enterprise content, simplify  workload and yield high efficiency.”, said Radu Gavril, IT Manager – Strabag.

With NC-Vision’s solution – a correspondence project management platform, Strabag now has a more efficient communication flow between departments, that contributes to shorter response times. 

“We’re very proud to support Strabag, a leader in innovation, in enhancing team collaboration and productivity and thank them for their trust. Based on our unique No-Code Technology, we were able to help them create a future-ready digital strategy and enable to drive digital transformation efforts.” said Klaus Heller, General Manager at NC Vision.  

The platform provides a common storage space for final versions of project documents. It allows assigning  tasks, tracking  progress, and getting notifications.  The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control, user quota, level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automation setup.

The current number of users of the solution is 600;  in the near future the solution will offer support to 10.000 users worldwide. 


STRABAG SE is a European-based technology group for construction services, a leader in innovation and financial strength. STRABAG has been active on the Romanian market since 1991 and now has subsidiaries in all regions of Romania relevant to the market.


NC-Vision is an innovation-driven technology company German software company with a branch office in Arad, Romania. NC-Vision was created as a revolutionary toolbox for production and traceability, dedicated to help companies worldwide successfully run and manage their business operations. Thanks to a large number of completed customer projects, NC-Vision has extensive know-how and expertise on the processes in manufacturing companies.