Everything you need to know about traceability

Jun 24, 2022 | News

In global competition, manufacturing companies are forced to continually increase their efficiency and productivity, while at the same time reducing costs in order to maintain or optimize profitability. Traceability is increasingly becoming a strategic success factor.

Traceability should be a priority for every modern producer. After all, traceability contributes to improving quality and efficiency by giving producers real-time visibility of their operations and facilitating root cause analysis.

For instance, if some products end up at the end of the production line with defects, it helps to have visibility over their entire production process. Perhaps they didn’t stop by a particular station for quality check. Or maybe all the defective products were handled by the same new operator, indicating gaps in operator training. Or maybe all the defective products have passed through the same machine, which should be checked by maintenance. Or all defective products contain components from a particular supplier.

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