EU grants for IT Investments

Oct 14, 2020 | News

To combat the economic consequences of the Covid 19 crisis, EU helps companies with non-refundable grants to make investments and thus increase your competitiveness.

The program is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Romania.  

The EU Program consists of  financial assistance of non-refundable subsidies with up to 70% for Bucharest+Ilfov and 85% for the rest of Romania. 


To be subsidized:

       a) expansion of existing production capacities, as well as the expansion of service delivery capacities;

       b) the establishment of new units of existing production capacity, as well as for the establishment of new service delivery units;

       c) rehabilitation/modernisation of existing production facilities, as well as for rehabilitation/modernisation of new service delivery units.

NC-Vision offers manufacturing companies in all industries, e.g. Automotive, Metal, Food, Pharmacy,Textile, a software solution to automate and optimize the production processes. NC-Vision increases efficiency and profitability and improves product quality.

The investments are covered by these government funds.