Crisis and food safety

Jan 27, 2020 | Media

For a while now, we have entered a time where people and authorities are looking more carefully at the food they consume, having more and more a clear tendency to find out from where and how food is processed and even stored. This level of transparency is somehow requested by all of us, since the times we are now living in is strongly influencing our lifestyles, our sanitary safety needs and nevertheless, as a result of our increasing fears, our suspicions on everything we eat.


This transparency relates mainly to one single factor and is called TRACEABILITY.

Under EU law, “traceability” means the ability to track any food, feed, food-producing animal, or substance that will be used for consumption, through all stages of production, processing, and distribution.

NC-Vision GmbH is a company that is representing the technology avant-garde related to traceability, making traceability much easier, faster, and cheaper to implement and interact with, compared with other traceability solutions present on the global market today.

The Highlight and USP of our Traceability solution is a self-developed No-Code software technology. With our No- Code technology we are able to implement without a single line of source code complex high-end Enterprise-Software Solutions. This enables us to implement Traceability Solutions to the customers much easier, faster, and cheaper compared to all the other Traceability Solutions on the market.

As a consequence, the final costs are positioned on a totally different level, actually much lower. All customers’ specific demands related to high definition traceability are fully respected and covered. The user interface in the processing /handling flow is user friendly as well as operating it in general.

In addition, Traceability increases quality, productivity, and efficiency while reducing costs.

On the basis of the performance of our standard traceability software solution CATS (Complete Advanced Traceability System), we were able to establish our software solution on the Romanian market despite the severe Covid crisis we are going through. . We are proud to announce that we are already working with some strong Romanian food companies.

The main reasons these companies have accepted our CATS software are:

  • The easiness to operate with our software
  • Short deployment time
  • Fast response to all their demands during all processes
  • Low price tag
  • Full functionality of production and traceability

We strongly believe that we have chosen the perfect timing for launching our CATS traceability system, having in mind the pressure coming more and more from the final customer that seems to demand higher and higher safety control over the food he’s consuming. In summary, customer confidence is becoming an increasingly important currency for any food company.

Let’s find out how you can better control your meat plant operations



Let’s explore how you can perfect production and delivery according to orders, improve yield through precise monitoring, and achieve traceability even for fall-offs. 

Tell us about your goals during the session and see for yourself how NC-Vision can help you achieve them.