Continuous Manufacturing

In just a few words: Continuous manufacturing, otherwise known as process manufacturing, is a flow production method in which factories are continuously producing goods and materials 24/7.

What is Continuous Manufacturing?

Continuous manufacturing, sometimes called flow manufacturing, is one of the main types of manufacturing approaches. It means that a product is made nonstop, without any interruptions or pauses between batches.

In this type of production method, each part of the product flows from one machine to the next without any interruptions between the various stages of manufacturing. Continuous manufacturing is best known for producing large scale products, such as steel, chemicals, gas, oil, etc.

Continuous production is traditionally used for manufacturing high-volume products which don’t require customization, such as paper and pulp manufacturing, petrochemicals, or oil and gas refineries, and/or for products that are consumed on a continual basis such as electricity production or water treatment plants.

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