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Production and Traceability Solution

Our revolutionary software toolbox for production and traceability covers any  industry, from automotive, food manufacturing to logistics and retail and each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse, track and trace, quality management and much more. Hit the ground running by picking the solution or industry template that best fits your needs. No bloated, over-priced solution – just the very modules you need to move your production forward. Do-it-yourself or let our solution consultants be your partner.

Extendable & flexible: Add functionality. Mix & Match the Solutions You Need. 

The thing with standard software is: There’s always something missing. Not with NC-Vision: The revolutionary NC-Builder lets you add functionality, from simple data fields to complex features, without writing a single line of code. 



Modular automation solution, covering  Process machine link and Machine Value Acquisition.  Connect to your machines and integrate them as a whole in the assembly process, capture and store all the data for future reference..

  • Build complex manufacturing solutions 
  • Reduce operator workload
  • Reduce cost
  • Be ahead of your competitors by being an early adopter of fully integrated solutions
  • Storage of process data
  • IOT ready
Change Management

Change Management

Because we know how important getting a new product out flawlessly is, our modular Change Management solution comes to your help. It enables you to properly manage the change from one product to another or from one revision to another and includes the proper tools to track issues related to their introduction in the production line.

  • Change History
  • Error proofing
  • Improved change management
  • Schedule the production of pipe cleaners
  • Track all the issues related to a change
  • SaaS ready
Data Integration

Data Integration

Today's businesses are more connected than ever and the connections happen more and more over electronic channels. Our modular solution allows fast integration of business partners & processes, covering all industries.

  • Improved customer communication
  • Error proofing
  • Order change revision
  • Increased productivity
  • Aligned to standards
  • Cloud Compatible
Data Management

Maintain and organize complex data for your organization and effortlessly enhance your solution by adding new data structures linked to the existing ones.

  • Organize data
  • Error proofing your data
  • Easy to view
  • Extend your data
  • Secure storage
  • SaaS ready
Line Management

A powerful tool that brings the layer of abstraction that is needed to configure your work stations to cover all manufacturing scenarios and makes your virtual line a mirror of the real one. 

  • Product traceability
  • Increased operator efficiency
  • Reduce inventory
  • Increased productivity
  • Part and container identification
  • Cloud Edge Compatible

Properly plan the maintenance activities and track the usage of equipment and the consumables that have to be replaced at given time intervals. 

  • Maintenance record
  • Resource scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment availability
  • Prevent breakdowns
  • SaaS ready
Training & Certification

Our advanced Training & Certification solution helps you develop and improve operator competency, covering every step, from defining the skills requirements for specific operations, to tracking the last training and its validity.

  • Ensure proper skills for defined role
  • Increased customer trust
  • Detailed history of trainings
  • Execute trainings in time
  • Accumulate skills for new role
  • SaaS Ready
Production Planning

Manage production scheduling, inventory, sales, procurement and shop-floor in one place. This powerful and flexible solution helps you meet customer demands on time, every time. 

  • Eliminate shortages
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve order traceability
  • Optimize capacity usage
  • Reduce E&O
  • SaaS Ready

Streamline quality assurance, by planning, assigning and monitoring quality control inspections & supplier audits in one modular solution

  • Produce top-notch quality parts
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Standardization
  • Product traceability
  • Cloud Edge Compatible
Warehouse Management

Modular warehouse management solution, covering everything from storage to shipping, inventoring, monitoring, decanting and receiving.

  • Proper use of space
  • Increased productivity
  • Container traceability
  • Reduced picking time
  • Reduced inventory cost


Scrap Management

With pressure to reduce inventory levels and the cost of goods sold mounting, scrap value becomes a very important component in the overall picture. Use our solution to record and view it in real time.

  • Real time monitoring
  • Process improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Accurate inventory
  • Improved Quality
  • Cloud Edge Compatible
Virtual Office

We create your customized, digital office space outfitted with collaboration and communication tools to replicate a physical office space: Document Management, Task Management, Project Management.

  • Manage complex projects
  • Increase office efficiency
  • Paperless Office
  • Fast reaction
  • Ad-hoc task assignment
  • SaaS Ready



Monitor the materials and labor that go in and out of the rework process. Finally no more waste,  without extra complexity and quality risks.

  • Monitor which parts go to rework, either as amounts or as single piece

  • Serial based tracing of reworked parts

  • Trace lots of materials used during rework and scrapped amounts

  • Recovery of reusable components in case of disassembling

  • Transform unneeded parts in parts in demand

Virtual Shopfloor

Monitor, manage and control manufacturing shopfloors.  Our powerful solution provides a digital 360° view of all processes, from quote preparation to quality control and shipment.

  • Digitalization of your entire production operation
  • Increased efficiency and transparency,
  • Optimized process reliability and production operations
  • View of your processes and machines from anywhere
NC-Builder No-Code Technology

NC-Builder is an unique no-code technology created by NC-Vision. NC-Builder makes it possible to create complex enterprise software easily, quickly and with up to 10 times less effort than traditional software development approaches.   

No programming knowledge is required, not even a single line of source code. At the same time NC-Builder lets you create the features and processes you need for your own specific solutions - offering full flexibility.  

With NC-Builder new solutions, modules or custom adaptations and extensions of the NC-Vision products can be realized quickly and easily.  

With just 5 days of training your key user will be able to make adjustments and even create  after weeks of training advanced complex functionalities as needed.  

NC-Builder is fully integrated in all NC-Vision products.

Core System

The core system contains a collection of basic, essential functionalities.. Each of our revolutionary toolbox solutions always include the specific functionalities of the solution and modules, as well as the core system.

  • Security: Permission management based on user or group of users, SSO, self-hosted, active directory, Google, etc
  • Scalability and High performance: Centralized, scalable architecture  optimized for high performance keeping business data at 1-click distance
  • Cluster: Support of distributed cluster environments with the option of an automatic synchronization of the instances.
  • Centralized architecture: Automatic, dedicated data replication and centralization
  • Cloud Edge: on-site self-hosted server for high performance execution and a synchronized primary cluster server where all data are centralized
  • Label traceability: Use our label designing and rendering functionality, storing a digitalized version of the printed label to speed up your operations .
  • Dashboard: Dashboard  with real-time information on all production KPIs or historical data
  • Data record history: Track and store the history of data records that were altered used also for record revising and traceability purposes
  • Atomic record editing: Option to lock the editing of the record to a single user assuring that 2 users cannot change a data record by editing at the same time and overwriting previous changes
  • Worktime schedule computation: Support to perform time operations based on defined worktime time plan where the platform can precisely calculate the ending time of a task by taking in consideration the business working schedule and free days
  • Mobile Functionality: Applications are cross platform and responsive, ready to run on mobile devices supporting operating systems like Android, Windows 10, Linux or iOS
  • Integration and Compatibility with Other Systems: High number of protocols and interface types available, using external software systems or direct database connection, Rest/SOAP API endpoints, WebSocket/Socket connections, file transfer, email inbox, etc
  • Comprehensive reporting: Design and generate reports in various formats in the platform, no need for other proprietary or external tools
  • Document templating: Document generation made easy,  content based on dynamic data input, xlsx, docx, pptx, text, HTML supported.
  • Integrated label designer tool: High number of formats supported Zebra - ZPL II, Toshiba TEC, Image - PNG, PDF, PostScript PS, etc.
  • Industrial automation: Support for a large variety of interfaces and protocols commonly used to directly interface with most of the industrial machines, IOT devices or PLC’s.
  • IOT ready: Embedded support for connecting to IOT devices for bidirectional communication ( written and read data )
  • Embedded real-time user messaging:  Easily send messages between users or send instant notifications
  • Seamless integration: All applications can be embedded in external websites or web applications as iframe content.
  • GIS standard: Storage and representation of geographical information, combined with maps rendering support

Production & Traceability, in a Lean & Powerful Software Toolbox. Schedule a Free Discovery Session Now!

Together with our solution consultants, discover which modules will help you most, increase your efficiency and quality, or add traceability if required by your important clients - without breaking the bank.

Save Time: Pick one of our Solution Templates

Get a head-start with the NC-Vision solution templates: A selection of production and traceability modules, already configured to the standards and processes of your activity. Developed hand-in-hand with our most advanced customers.

NC-Vision for Warehouse

Empower your Warehouse Operators – Thanks to the NC-Vision Toolbox for Production & Traceability. High inventory values not only impact your cashflow: They occupy precious storage space in your warehouse. With NC-Vision, accurate stocks allow you to reduce stock buffers while FIFO and FEFO options will cut your obsolete costs.

NC-Vision for Training & Certification

Tired of lack of control on enterprise training? Constant firefighting due to lack of planning is gone, starting today. Created to help you gain control on learning and development, our Training & Certification solution will make your work easier. And as a side effect, you will help employees upskill and improve the quality of their work.

NC-Vision for Virutal Office

Enhance team collaboration and productivity  by effortlessly storing, organizing  and communicating  work. Fully adapted to production companies: no matter what your current manufacturing processes are, our Virtual Office solution can be customized to meet your unique needs.

NC-Vision for Line Management

Keep everything under control simply and clearly, from the planning of batches on the machines to data specifications for the individual operating elements (e.g. printers, cameras etc.) through to the automatic creation of the batch report. 

Tianqi Yang


We aimed for a simple and adaptable solution.

We found in NC Vision a flexible partner, with a high level of experience, and a good collaboration led to the implementation of a form according to our needs and expectations. In only six weeks the system was running, and all requested modifications were provided in the specified time. Now we are able to deliver in time and the right amounts of the raw materials to the assembly lines.

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Together with our solution consultants, discover which modules will help you most, increase your efficiency and quality, or add traceability if required by your important clients – without breaking the bank.