Video: Fast intro | Warehouse Management System with Built-in Traceability

Oct 20, 2021 | Videos

Fast intro | Flexible NoCode WMS

Tired of always having too little space in the warehouse? Are you struggling to avoid inventory discrepancies or late deliveries threatening to lead to a production stoppage?

What would you say about getting your inventory under control and no more searching for materials in vain or stressful overtime? Our modular warehouse management solution will help you reduce your inventory levels and picking up times so production stoppages belong to the past.

This solution is part of our software toolbox, a large set of solutions for production companies with a strong built-in traceability approach. Our out-of-the-box warehouse management solution is ready to use. Forget the usual lengthy and costly customization and implementation of a WMS solution.

Our warehouse management system is implemented in your production within days instead of months. Discover which modules will help you most.