Setting the right New Year’s resolutions for manufacturing

Dec 3, 2021 | News

2022 is only a few weeks away! It’s strategy and budget season: that time of year again when we all start thinking of plans for the next year.  The new year is a great time to reflect on your business, refocus on your goals and evaluate your approach.

How will you do things differently in 2022? What are the manufacturing new year resolutions you will make to support that? Here are 5 insights about 2022 that you might benefit from as you start planning for next year.

Stay healthy

Getting healthy is definitely the most commonly made resolution virtually every year. It should apply not only to your personal life, but to your business aswell.  Dieting can control what you put into your body and how you spend your energy, much like lean processes can help you identify excess processes to reduce costs and tone your product quality.

To stay one step ahead of industry trends and keep pace with the competition, technology innovation has taken a front seat. But manufacturers must also remain agile and find ways to rapidly respond to customer demand.

For manufacturers,  a healthy business translates to goals like beefing up the sales pipeline, streamlining operations, and improving efficiency. Ensuring that your machines are being used as efficiently as possible is a good first step toward improving your business’ overall health, and job scheduling is the way to see whether that is happening right now, as well as how to fix it in the future.

Stick to the budget

Budgets are staying tight, but understanding what investments today will produce the biggest returns down the line is extra critical, causing people to get creative about how they spend money.

Doing more with less in terms of your manufacturing process means cutting costs by being proactive. You can introduce quality control systems in order to cut costs on inspections and work that must be redone. Creating your products right the first time allows you to make more in less time.

Reduce stress

Unnecessary stress can lead to larger issues—one resolution you can make is to identify pain points in your operations that are causing them and do what you can to eliminate them. Reducing stress may seem like a dream rather than a realistic goal to many business leaders, but having margin in both your personal life and business is critical to the long-term health of both.


Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is essential to a lean and productive manufacturing facility. Introduce a dedicated continuous improvement team to drive initiatives and processes forward, so that everybody understands what role they play in the improvement process and that they see the potential value of the program for a profitable year, departmentally and companywide. 

Go paperless

Outdated filing systems can result in loss of data and inaccurate information. Moreover, it also slows down operations as finding paper-based documentation is time consuming. What would you say about effortlessly storing, organizing  and communicating  work? Replace paper based systems with electronic systems to benefit from accurate real-time manufacturing intelligence and enhance team collaboration and productivity.

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Tianqi Yang

CEO, Eurosport DHS