Non-reimbursable Financing Opportunities for Romanian Companies

Jul 19, 2021 | News

Romania receives for the first time European funds of approximately 80 billion Euros, of which the largest share is the budget allocated to the 2021-2027 session, and 33 billion Euros are intended for the economic recovery of the country, an amount that must be used in a relatively short time.

The European Union’s funding instruments can be a tremendous support to companies: major opportunities open up for companies who have good ideas and viable business plans – they are the ones who have great chances to access these grants. However, the list for non-reimbursable funds available to Romanian companies is not limited to EU Funding. In this article we list the  funding opportunities to watch for in 2021, if you aim to increase the competitivity of your company. 

Digitization of SMEs

Beneficiaries of these financing program are micro, small and medium companies that can request funds between 30,000-100,000 Euros. Eligible expenses are the acquisition of software, IT equipment, websites, digital signatures, computer training courses, hosts, etc., with 10% own contribution.

POR 1.2

Within the Regional Operational Program – ROP 1.2, non-reimbursable funds are offered to SMEs, in a maximum amount of 200,000 Euro for the purchase of support services for carrying out research-development and investment activities. The own contribution is of minimum 10%.

GD 807/2014

GD 807 / 2014 provides 50% non-reimbursable financing for regional development. Both SMEs and large firms and START-UPs can apply for non-reimbursable funds. The program aims to significantly contribute to the development of the region for which financing is requested, by making initial investments in high-tech fixed assets to achieve high value-added products. The total budget of this axis is 37.5 million Euros, distributed differently by regions.


Through the HORIZON Europe funding program, the European Council provides funding of between € 200,000-2.5 million for innovative and research projects. Companies with their own innovative projects or consortia formed by innovative companies can participate. Through this program the employees of the participating companies can benefit from salaries up to 5,000 Euros, also the financing covers the acquisition of software and IT equipment.

ESS and Norwegian grants

The target group of this program are Romanian private sector enterprises (medium and large enterprises), but especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), who can benefit from funding between 200,000-2,000,000 Euros. Focus areas of the programm are Green Industry Innovation, ICT, Blue Growth. Partnership projects are encouraged and will be awarded additional points during the evaluation. Eligible partners are represented by any public or private entity, commercial or non-commercial, registered as a legal entity in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Romania.

Star-Tech Innovation

The objective of this third edition of the StartupNation program, renamed in its current form Star-Tech Innovation, is to finance innovative start-ups through grants with an estimated value of 42,000 euros, which will represent between 80 and 90% of the total value of the project. From the official data published on the program’s website, the following businesses will be eligible:

  • created after January 2017
  • fields of activity such as: production (processing industries), creativity, trade, and service providers, IT programming, innovative industries
  • without debts to the local and state budget
  • operating  in the form of SRL-D / SRL

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