CATS Modules

EDI import

Todays businesses are more connected than ever and the connections happen more and more over electronic channels. Out of these, Electronic Data Interchange is the world wide recognized channel used by all major companies. With CATS EDI Import module we are ready to support all the major EDI formats available, like EDIFACT, ODETTE or VDA.

  • Automatic import and storage of inbound EDI files

  • Automatic processing of inbound messages using different EDI formats

  • Custom parsing algorithms can be easily implemented


Start traceability in your process from the very beginning, by following your raw materials. CATS Receiving module allows you to perform goods receipt in several modes and provides the capability to identify and trace the raw materials.

  • Manage receiving processing in multiple modes ( manual receiving, EDI receiving, scheduled receiving )

  • Match received quantities with incoming delivery advice created in advance

  • Record discrepancies between the delivery advice and the receipt

  • Print receipt labels to identify all storage units with unique serial numbers


Large MOQs and the necessity of keeping minimum stock levels can increase the inventory. By dividing large containers in smaller units provides higher resolution of the stock and gives the possibility of reducing the inventory levels. CATS Decanting module gives the possibility to split containers in smaller units and identify them, while providing also traceability back to the original supplier unit. The module allows multiple methods of dividing a unit and comes with interfaces to integrate counting or measuring equipment.

  • Divide storage unit amounts in smaller quantities identified with unique serial numbers

  • Containers can be divided based on masterdata definitions or based on real time user input

  • Possibility to connect counters and scales for decanting

  • Printing of labels for each decanted storage unit amount


With space as the main constraint of warehouses, space can be used for more than a single material. CATS Location allows you to locate parts in an efficient manner by using a hierarchical structure in which the parts can be visualized easily.

  • Identify areas in the manufacturing environment in a hierarchical structure used to track the position of a serial

  • Represent visually the plan layout to easily identify the position of an item

  • Reduce the human effort by helping with visual indicators

  • Optimize space usage in the plant

Warehouse Storage

Warehouses are a core component of businesses and are businesses by themselves. A well managed warehouse is an asset that cannot be overlooked. CATS Warehouse Storage module comes forward to meet all your storage requirements. From chaotic to fixed location, from simple picking to pick lists that follow a specific route, we cover everything.

  • Assign item to location by scanning unique serial numbers to part and location

  • Track history of movements

  • Define custom rules and flows for parts location assignment

  • Visually represent location storage status

  • Out stock containers or parts from location

  • Pick goods based on a pick list

  • Definition of collection routes for operators

  • Chaotic, fixed location and mixed warehouses are supported

  • FIFO, LIFO and FEFO collection criteria are supported

  • Integration with CATS Process Machine Link for environmental control and with CATS Machine Value Acquisition to record the values using BigData

Production feeding

A properly supplied production line with the right material, in the right quantity while still being able to trace the material back to the supplier packaging unit is one of the key prerequisites to ensure continuous operation of the production line, while still meeting the quality requirements. CATS Production Feeding comes with push and pull (kanban) methods of line feeding, depending on your needs.

  • Push feeding

    • Define picklists based on production order for usage in mobile applications

    • Collect based on order

    • FIFO tracking

  • Pull feeding

    • Create kanban

    • Allocate part amount to kanban

    • FIFO picking of kanban

    • Pick list of kanbans

    • Kanban consumption

    • Kanban release

Production Scheduling

JIT and JIS deliveries are at the core of today manufacturing operations. In order to achieve them and keeping low stocks of finished products, you need a state of the art scheduling system. CATS Production Scheduling provides the functions and algorithms needed to produce the right part at the right time and in the right quantity, while factoring in restrictions like running cost of the equipment, number of setup changes or availability

  • Different scheduling concepts available (build to forecast, build to inventory and build to order)

  • Assignment of the orders to the works stations

  • Trace order fulfilment

  • Load balancing

Production declaration

Timely declaration of the parts that you produced in your ERP is key for proper reporting of inventory and efficiency. With CATS Production Declaration, your production is recorded in real-time and can be exported to your ERP with the frequency that you desire. You can add your required export data format to our library of existing formats

  • Declare production directly to ERP external database

  • Generate EDI files to be transferred for later processing by external software

  • Provide modern communication protocols for external software usage that expose internal data records link production, scrap or process related information ( rest api, message broker, web sockets )

Production line

Even as the production line sits at the core of manufacturing, its coverage by software is generally low as most of the solutions are tailored for a specific line. CATS Production Line module brings the layer of abstraction that is needed to configure your work stations to cover all manufacturing scenarios and makes your virtual line a mirror of the real one. Its out of the box integration with other CATS modules allows you to monitor and control downtimes, rework and scrap.

  • Produce the necessary parts at each station based of a number of sources like: production scheduling, manual set-up or automated selection based on assembly serial

  • Load materials at the point of consumption based on BOM ( Bill of Material )

  • Automated serial flow validation based on multi level BOM

  • Configurable operation steps 

  • Definition of configurable cycle steps

  • Definition of steps dependencies

  • Steps

    • Scanning of component serial ( primary or secondary )

    • Scanning of sub-assembly serial ( primary or secondary )

    • Generation of serial number ( printing of label )

    • Generation of part amounts

    • Send machine start command

    • Wait for machine end command

    • Store process values

    • Pack produce serial/amount into current container

  • History of processed parts

  • Preview of last printed label

  • Operators and roles tracking by integration with CATS Operator Skills

  • Track downtime by integration with CATS Downtime

  • Integrate it with CATS Rework and CATS Scrap to provide better control of quality and inventory


With the ongoing drive to digitalize document flows and to create paperless offices, CATS Documents comes to help by providing configurable document flows that allows you to manage the lifecycle of a document from creation until long term storage.

  • Support for document storage, traceability and management using complex defined process flows

  • Upload/Downloads documents

  • Associate users, categories, keywords or index the documents for optimized search process

  • Track the document revisions, users, actions and states changes of the uploaded documents to ensure detailed traceability log

  • Define document flow nodes in combination with actions that can be performed that have as consequence to movement of the document to another flow node

  • Track documents by associating an creator, owner and assigned users, a state and also a type of operator flow that this document should follow

  • Hierarchical document categories and document assignment to this categories ( tags )

  • Associate multiple categories to uploaded documents

  • Define state flows and user permission that are required to change the state

  • Flows state change can change the flow to another flow

  • Define state change action interface

    • Sending of email

    • Insert record in another structure

  • Document indexing ( OCR and rest api for searching of documents )

Document generator

Generate documents by using input forms that gather data, used to fill in Word, PowerPoint or Excel defined.

  • Generate documents based on Office templates ( formats: docx, pptx, xlsx )

  • Define forms used as input interface for document templates based generation

  • Convert office documents to pdf

Spare parts

Management of spare parts place an important role to ensure that you have all the necessary materials available to perform equipment maintenance or to repair them in case that they are broken. Use CATS Spare Parts module to manage your spare parts stocks and to generate alerts when they fall outside of the defined thresholds.

  • Define spare parts and stock levels for them

  • Generate alerts

Process self audit

Proper functioning of machines is mandatory to obtain good quality parts. Specific validations have to be performed at pre-set times or after defined actions to determine that the equipment functions within allowed parameters. With CATS Process Self-Audit you can define the necessary validations and when they have to be performed to ensure that you produce the correct parts.

  • Define validation tests that are expected to fail and that must be checked before production process starts

  • Define custom rules for when the self audit test should be made ( periodical or before/after specific production phases

Machine values acquisition

Good product traceability requires large amounts of data from the industrial machines involved in the process . With CATS Machine Value Acquisition you can request and retrieve all the data from your robots and store it in a NoSQL database for future reference.

  • Request and retrieve data from the machines

  • Store the data in a NoSQL database

Test dispatch

With quality at the core of your business, it is a good practice to perform spot test of your products after they were packed. CATS Test Dispatch comes to meet your requirements. Define the necessary test to be done and the selection rules and CATS Test Dispatch will select the next product to be checked. In the case that the selected product fails the check, the entire lot can be blocked until it is fully controlled.
  • Dispatch part for testing based on custom defined rules

  • Block shipping of containers based on testing groups

  • Track testing results linked to part production records

  • Define validation steps to be performed at part level

  • Define recurrence rules at part level

  • Integrate with CATS Work Instruction to provide better instructions to the auditor

Part change management

In fast moving businesses, getting a new product out flawlessly is very important. CATS Part Change Management comes to you help by enabling you to properly manage the change from one product to another or from one revision to another and it includes the proper tools to track issues related with their introduction in the production line.
  • Track all changes made related to the part or process environment that later can be reported against other events that occur in the production flow (issues, setup change, revision change, maintenance interventions, IT interventions, etc.)

  • Track part revision change and the time from when the revision was activated in the production line

  • Link various events to a specific type of change entry (downtime intervention, maintenance, setup change etc.)

Process machine link

As companies look forward to improve the quality of the products and reduce the headcounts, industrial robots become common place. CATS Process Machine Link module gives you the necessary means to connect to your machines and integrate them as a whole in the assembly process by offering ready to use connection interfaces and by giving the possibility to exchange data and commands with them.

  • Connect to industrial robots using a large number of protocols (MQTT, OPC, direct serial connection etc.)

  • CATS application tells the process machine what part is produced so that the machine will select the corresponding setup

  • Machine waits for CATS signal in order to start the process

  • After the start was given CATS software will monitor the machine output until the end of process signal is received and check the success status

  • After each end of cycle CATS software will retrieve the process related values and store them associated to the process cycle record

  • The values are stored in a nosql database for later analytics usage purposes


Issue management

With an emphasis on quality and part traceability, we offer you the proper tool to track the issues that appeared in your own production process or at the customer. Use CATS Issue Management to track an issue from the moment it was generated until it was resolved and to follow up also possible recurrences of the same issue.

  • Tracking of issues that occur in production by assigning them to exiting part serials or lots.

  • Track issue as traceability record with the possibility of linking various records to it (part, line operation, storage units, process device, etc.)

  • Track issue specific documents (5Why, 8D, etc.) as data records to file attachments

  • Track issue recurrence

  • Generation of lesson learned


Rework constitutes one of the most sensitive points of manufacturing. On one side it allows you to recover a part of the materials and labor that you have invested, but on the other hand, it introduces extra complexity and quality risks. Get it under control now with CATS Rework module and you will be able to monitor the materials and labor that go in and out of the rework process.

  • Monitor which parts go to rework, either as amounts or as single piece

  • Serial based tracing of reworked parts

  • Trace lots of materials used during rework and scrapped amounts

  • Recovery of reusable components in case of disassembling

  • Transform unneeded parts in parts in demand


With pressure to reduced inventory levels and the cost of goods sold mounting, scrap value becomes a very important component in the overall picture. Use CATS Scrap module to record and view in real time your scrap value. Integration with CATS Production Line allows operators to declare scrap directly at the point of material usage.

  • Declare scrap and block amounts from usage in production

  • Block scrapped amounts from usage in production or shipments

  • Generate scrap costs

  • Manage scrap declaration with standalone and mobile operations

Downtime tracking

Stoppages of the production line are one of the major wastes that impacts operational efficiency and timely JIT deliveries. Use CATS Downtime Tracking to have a real-time overview of stoppages and resolution times. CATS Downtime Tracking allows you to take the necessary actions in a timely manner in order to resume production

  • Track and manage downtime events that happen on shop floor operations based on predefined list of issues

  • Operators can open operation downtime event by selecting a downtime reason

  • Downtime events can be processed by specific users depending on their assigned roles

  • Closed downtimes have to be validated for permanent closure

  • All downtime durations are compared with the downtime data record for later reports

  • Real time visual indicators for shop floor downtime

  • Alerts can be configured to inform about downtime progress

  • Downtime history is kept.


In order to ensure proper quality of the products, you have to ensure that the people making them have the proper skills and trainings in time. CATS Training gives you the possibility to define the skills that the operators have and to define skill requirements for specific operations. It will trace the time when the last training took place and if it is still valid or not.

  • Track operator skills in concordance with the production process requirements
  • Definition of operators skill types and assignment of skills
  • Define line operation skill requirements that a operator should have in order to work on it 
  • Assignment of operators required skills for production line
  • Assignment of operators required skills for downtime
  • Define time duration before a training has to be refreshed 
  • Schedule skill future or recurrent skill training activities
  • Scheduling of trainings that result in skills increase/replenish
  • Recording of trainings made for operator


Part Inventorying

With complex supply chains in place, accurate inventories are key. Use CATS Part Inventorying module to properly conduct physical inventories and report the differences.

  • Mobile applications support for shop floor inventorying process ( Example: Android mobile scanners, Smart phones, etc. )

  • Automated reporting feature that results in a summary of missing part amounts and part amounts that do not exist in the database

  • Generate scrap declaration and negative inventory costs

Warehouse shipping

Goods delivery can take many complex forms today, with special rules for loading becoming a common requirements. With CATS Warehouse Shipping module you can perform deliveries in a large number of methods, from point to ship to deliveries in sequence based on customer defined picking lists.

  • Perform shipments in multiple modes ( manual, EDI based, Scheduled shipping )

  • Mobile operation support from device like Android mobile scanners or Smart phones

  • Shipping containers marriage and seal validation

  • Validate shipment storage units assignment in a FIFO based sequence

Quality wall

Either that we speak about new parts or about special actions after a quality issue, the quality wall is the place where parts are validated and sorted before delivery. CATS Quality Wall module comes to help, allowing the operators making the check to register the parts and mark them as valid or invalid. Integration of the module with CATS Rework, CATS Scrap or CATS Work Instruction brings the features of those modules at the same station.

  • Validate critical products by passing them thru a quality check wall before they are shipped for actions like validation or sorting

  • Dedicate application used to change the state of parts that must be validated to complete their state

  • Assign a label with a unique serial number to a storage unit that is completed and validated before shipment to confirm that the goods where checked

Incoming inspection

Product quality assurance starts from the receiving. Only good quality materials allow for amazing quality products. CATS Incoming Inspection gives you the means to segregate and validate the raw materials that you receive until they are validated. It’s integration with Work Instruction module gives to the operators easy to follow steps that allow them to distinguish between ok and not ok parts.

Track received materials in free pass state based on custom rules to ensure that suspicious or untrusted materials are checked before moving them to the raw material area.

  • Define part and supplier based rules for specific part lot inspections frequency

  • All storage units with parts the are in inspection mode will receive the "check" status immediately after reception

  • Parts that are marked to be in check status will not be allowed to be used on production lines

  • Rejected containers are quarantined and cannot be used

  • Integration with CATS Work Instructions to highlight the check points

EDI export

To support the communication with your suppliers or customers over electronic channels, CATS EDI Export module is ready to support all the major EDI formats available, like EDIFACT, ODETTE or VDA and plain CSV exports.

  • Generate EDI files and transfer them to suppliers and clients

  • Support of major EDI formats

  • Customer specific adaptations can be easily made

  • Multiple types of file transfer protocols are supported: ftp, sftp, samba shares, email, http post, etc.

Work instruction

As more and more complex steps need to be performed by the operators and as the diversity of the parts increases, the note book with work instructions provided at each station becomes more and more important and thicker. With CATS Work Instruction module, you can show only the relevant instructions for the current step and part, allowing the operator to focus on what he has to produce. Integrate it with CATS Document Flow to ensure that all the necessary departments have reviewed the documentation.

  • Store the work instructions
  • Associate the work instruction to the production station for a specific step or part
  • Display the work instruction when it is needed


Packaging and identification of goods is a critical point in manufacturing plants or distribution centers and there is a growing need of being able to trace products to the container used for delivery. With CATS Packaging module, you can ensure that you can trace your production lots or individual parts to the right container and provide the correct label for them. As packaging becomes more and more complex and expensive, CATS Packaging capability of loading and consuming packaging materials at each station gives you accurate inventory levels for them.

  • Manage packaging of parts using uniquely identified amounts

  • Multi-level packaging system in which parts can be packed into containers that can be packed in other containers ( palletization )

  • Support packaging for part amounts and uniquely identified parts

  • Unique identification of packed part amounts

  • Label packages with custom designed layouts

  • Predefined or dynamic container sizes

  • Automatic container sizing based on volume or weight

  • Loading and consumption of packaging material

Task management

Proper management of projects is a key factor for success. Use CATS Task Management to create your projects based on existing templates, to ensure that the same steps are followed every time.

  • Track tasks in an structures that permits to define other tasks dependencies

  • Link task to various production related entities ( part numbers, part serials, production lines, etc. )

  • Conditionate specific records statuses based on task completion

  • Assign tasks to specific teams

  • Define members of the teams involved in the project

GIS location

Identification of the place of origin for materials collected from different geographical areas is important to meet quality, safety and ethical requirements of your business. CATS GIS Location module will record the geographical location from which a material was collected and is able to give warnings when the material is collected from outside of the permitted area.

  • Identify and record the position of the operator

  • Alert if the operator is outside of the allowed location

  • Record the operator location for each batch of material collected

Stock monitoring

Material shortages and fast reaction to inventory drops is possible when you define stock levels and you receive alerts for breaching them. CATS Stock Monitoring module comes to your help with easy to use interface for defining the stock levels and timely alerts delivered by e-mail or on dashboards.

  • Monitor stock levels and execute actions depending on them.
  • Define part amount rules based on which specific actions can be taken ( alerts, automatics ordering, etc. ).
  • Custom level of stock

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is one of the important factors to enable the production of high quality products and reduce production downtimes. CATS Preventive Maintenance is the perfect tool to schedule your maintenance tasks and track that they were performed.

  • Schedule maintenance tasks to be performed on process equipment

  • Define recurrence rules for maintenance tasks

  • Define equipment consumables that need to be replaced periodically

  • Spare part consumption after maintenance

  • Define maintenance rules based on number of cycles

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