Introducing Oliver Ruzek, our new CEO

Jul 18, 2022 | News

We are pleased to announce that Oliver Ruzek was appointed as NC-Vision’s new CEO.

We started NC-Vision as a technology company dedicated to helping companies worldwide successfully run and manage their business operations. NC-Vision was created as a revolutionary software toolbox for production and traceability, covering each process of a production environment from manufacturing execution, warehouse, track and trace, quality management, and much more. Our toolbox is based on NC-Builder, a unique no-code technology created by us. NC-Builder makes it possible to create complex enterprise software easily, quickly and with up to 10 times less effort than traditional software development approaches.

 “The last 3 years have been incredible, growing and bringing us new success stories. With new features and modules, we are only just beginning to grasp what the future of NC-Vision will be. A few months back I started a dialogue with our board about what type of leadership will be needed for our next phase of growth – one that should bring both experience and focus to the table. So today I am very excited to announce that after an extensive search, Oliver Ruzek will be joining the team as Co-Chief Executive Officer and co-owner.

For 20 years, Oliver has been instrumental in the growth of several German and US hightech companies and software startups and is an exceptional leader, building and inspiring teams. As NC-Vision moves onward and upward, I look forward to seeing Oliver’s drive towards further growth and great success. As for myself, I am not leaving the team. I will remain a Co-CEO, being responsible for Business Development and Strategy.” said Klaus Heller, Co-Founder of NC-Vision.

Olive Ruzek stated: “I am very excited to be a part of the next phase of NC-Vision and to have the opportunity to lead a team of highly knowledgeable, committed, and enthusiastic people who have successfully built an incredible platform from scratch. I know we’re just getting started and are on our way to the next phase of growth to become even more impactful, helping companies translate business knowledge into Enterprise Applications.”