Incoming Inspection

Product quality assurance starts from the receiving. Only good quality materials allow for amazing quality products. Our Incoming Inspection Module gives you the means to segregate and validate the raw materials that you receive until they are validated. It’s integration with Work Instruction module gives to the operators easy to follow steps that allow them to distinguish between ok and not ok parts.

Features of Incoming Inspection

Track received materials in free pass state based on custom rules to ensure that suspicious or untrusted materials are checked before moving them to the raw material area.

  • Define part and supplier based rules for specific part lot inspections frequency
  • All storage units with parts the are in inspection mode will receive the “check” status immediately after reception
  • Parts that are marked to be in check status will not be allowed to be used on production lines
  • Rejected containers are quarantined and cannot be used
  • Integration with our Work Instructions Module to highlight the check points

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