What industry is CATS suitable for?

CATS covers each industry.


CATS is designed to cover the entire manufacturing flow. IT is built on a modular platform that allows the client to progressively active features based on he needs.


It is a complete solution the covers the entire production process starting with the part client order and material receiving to shipment and ASN generation.


Being a low-cost platform with a high level of extensibility CATS is suitable for small and large companies with simple or high process complexity.


CATS has as a target industry like manufacturing, automotive, food, pharmaceutic, chemical, etc.

What types of machines and devices are supported?

All devices that have a known communication protocol using interfaces like RS323, TCP/IP, MQTT, OPC, etc. can be used or any device that is Industry 4.0 ready.

Example: Common printers, Thermal printers, Barcode scanners, PLCs, IOT devices, etc.

How long does the installation take?

The configuration, installation and rollout of the solution takes days for small simple solutions and up to weeks and months for very complex and extensive installations.

What are the requirements for starting the installation ?

NC-Vision starts the installation as soon as the customer meets the following requirements:

  • If the customer does not decide for a SaaS model, a server environment (bare metal server, local VM) must be provided.

  • Network connectivity

  • Access for NC-Vision to the hardware (sensor, machines etc.) which are to be integrated into the solution including API

  • Support of customer IT and process employees in defining the optimal customer solution

What types of user interface devices are supported?

CATS supports all common user interface devices.


All NC-vision software use developed using modern web technologies and have the highest operations system coverage. CATS Application can be used from any modern browser ( recommended minimum or higher: Firefox 77.x, Chrome 83.x, Opera 68.x, Safari 13.x, Android Browser 81.x )   or installed as a desktop application to ensure maximum compatibility supporting all common used operation systems: Apple OS X, Windows 7/10, Linux or Android 7.x and above.


Shop floor kiosk applications are designed to run on low power profile devices like Raspbeery PI 4 or Thin Clients. Mobile applications can also be installed on Android devices.

What exactly does CATS SaaS mean?

In the SaaS model NC-Vision takes over and is responsible for the application operation of CATS in a cloud infrastructure.

Is CATS offered on-premise?

Yes, it is possible. CATS runs on any common hardware.

Can CATS run in a hybrid model?

Yes, it is possible. CATS runs in hybrid model which is using Paas , SaaS on-premise or a combination

What are the costs?

The pricing model is based on the intensity of CATS use by the customer. In a full-cost analysis, we guarantee a very competitive price. NC-Vision Sales will be happy to provide you with information.

Are adjustments possible in CATS?

This is a highlight of CATS. In CATS, any specific customer requirements can be realized quickly and easily with little effort. The technical basis for this is the NoCode technology developed by NC-Vision itself and embedded in CATS.

What types of interfaces are supported?

Any type of interface is supported e.g EDI, REST, Socket, PCL, TCP/IP

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