In just a few words: Composable platforms allow nontechnical teams to build software using “building blocks” composed of powerful business capabilities.

What is a Composability?

Composability is a way of building software using “building blocks” composed of business capabilities. These building blocks can be assembled and reassembled with a no-code platform to create full blown software solutions.

Composable building blocks in enterprise software are known as enterprise components (ECs). ECs are modular, interchangeable, and reusable capabilities that perform actions or complete steps in a business process. These actions take one of three forms: 1) actions on people; 2) actions on systems or data; 3) and actions that perform business logic. ECs are fully governed and curated, typically by IT. They can be created in a variety of ways. They can be adopted from vendors or custom built, or they can simply be extensions of existing tools and systems.

To compose an enterprise software solution is to connect and combine enterprise components without code to create a multifaceted tool that manages, orchestrates, & streamlines part of or the entirety of a business process.

This is similar to how developers compose solutions using open source components, or how kids compose complex structures using pre-built Lego blocks.

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