Production process traceability audit

Audit for optimization of the production traceability processes

What is audited?

It is documented your status quo how your traceability and manufacturing process is supported by efficient processes.

What is the result of the audit?

  • Scoring of your manufacturing processes and traceability
  • Summary of the status quo
  • What optimization potential exists.
  • How the optimizations can be implemented.

What is the Self Audit procedure ?

  • You answer ~40 questions.
  • You will need about 5 minutes of your time.
  • Your answers will not be lost. You can interrupt if necessary and continue later.

What do the questions refer to ?

The question refers to software and/or hardware functions. These can be:

  • Input and/or output operations such as bar code scanning
  • Vision camera recognition
  • Hardware Sensors
  • printed serialization ( labels/laser barcodes, rfid, etc. )
  • software/hardware interfaces ( data interfaces, locally stored files or databases ).
  • IOT data
  • Manufacturing robots used
  • Manual operations
  • Etc.

Your data

You can delete the audit data yourself at any time.

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