CATS solution has been ZEBRA certified

 The ZEBRA certification ensures the interoperability of the CATS Warehouse, ShopFloor and Traceability Solutions with the Zebra Portfolio.

NC-Vision can now offer ZEBRA integrated solutions.


EU grants for IT Investments

To combat the economic consequences of the Covid 19 crisis, EU helps companies with non-refundable grants to make investments and thus increase your competitiveness.

The program is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in Romania.  

The EU Program consists of  financial assistance of non-refundable subsidies with up to 70% for Bucharest+Ilfov and 85% for the rest of Romania. 


To be subsidized:

       a) expansion of existing production capacities, as well as the expansion of service delivery capacities;

       b) the establishment of new units of existing production capacity, as well as for the establishment of new service delivery units;

       c) rehabilitation/modernisation of existing production facilities, as well as for rehabilitation/modernisation of new service delivery units.

NC-Vision offers manufacturing companies in all industries, e.g. Automotive, Metal, Food, Pharmacy,Textile, a software solution to automate and optimize the production processes. NC-Vision increases efficiency and profitability and improves product quality.

The investments are covered by these government funds.



CATS is part of the CLOUD Mall Baden-Wuerttemberg

In the project Cloud Mall BW is an overarching cloud ecosystem of providers of SaaS services. NC-Vision addresses with CATS an industrial enterprise SaaS application for production and traceability.

Customers use the Proof of Concept offer

More and more companies are using the CATS pilot offer to get started with CATS. Customers can convince themselves of the performance of CATS in their own environment.

CATS is adapted to the customer's specific processes in the Proof of Concept and the customer can test CATS in his own company with his own processes.

Online Audit is now avaiable

Determine in a online audit in less then 5 minute the status quo of your IT based processes in Production and Traceability.

  • See the possible potential to improve and optimize the processes.
  • See your potential return of invest.

CATS is avaiable as SaaS Service

Based on the innovative CATS software architecture, CATS is now available as SaaS service. Possible environments are e.g. AZURE, Telekom Cloud, AWS. This means that CATS can be scaled to any high availability and can be operated globally.

NC-Vision is member of the omlox core zone team

Together with the other members of the omlox core zone team NC-Vision will further develop the omlox API and ensure that the API  covers industrial manufacturing management and traceability usecases perfect. With the integration of the omlox interface into the CATS product and the comprehensive possibilities of the CATS NoCode Engine, CATS is the perfect platform for implementing specific omlox software solutions.

CATS RollOut to further Coindu locations

After the positive test of CATS in December 2019 and the current improvement of the corona effects the rollout of CATS to further Coindu locations starts

CATS is ready for the meat and food industry

The CATS product has been positively audited for its suitability for the meat and food industry. All functionalities necessary for the meat industry are available in the product standard. Several customer projects are in preparation.

CATS test at Coindu successful

Coindu tests CATS on its production line. The task was to further increase the quality of the production process in the Coindu production. Based on the  NC-Vision NoCode Software technology embedded in CATS, several interfaces to Coindu hardware devices and IT backed systems were implemented and the specific Coindu production process was customized in CATS. NC-Vision successfully implemented the solution within a few days and a minimum of effort. Coindu has tested and approved the solution in live operation. The CATS solution will be used in further CATS production lines.

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